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The Ask:(Sept 6th due date)

Record yourself and/or two people answering these questions. (one sentence answers)

1. Why do you wake up each morning?

2. Why do you love your job? 

3. How do you make each day important? 

4. What's the most important thing in your life and why?

The Specs:

Tech Specs

1. 1920x1080

2. 23.976 fps interview

3. Use shotgun or lav (hide lav)

4. Combo 23.976/60 fps b-roll

5. Flat picture profile (log or similar) 


1. Center framing subject

2. Use a tripod

3. Film in a quiet place

4. Subject look at lens

Shot list:

1. Interview

2. Slow motion portrait (centered)

3. B-roll footage

i. People w/family & friends

ii. Activities while working bts (working on computer, talking on phone, taking photos, talking to client, in meetings etc.)

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